Run pbrt under linux

After several hours of exploring the some materials on the website, I finally run pbrt under linux successfully.

Generally, you should get the following package from website:

  • fltk
  • ilmbase
  • ctl
  • openexr(The latest version is 1.7.0)
  • openexr_viewer
  • pbrt(The latest version is pbrt-v2)

First, decompress all the files. I follow the above order to install all the packages.

If you only want to get the result of pbrt, you have no need to install fltk, ctl and openexr viewer. The official website said that you can run pbrt without installing openexr, but I haven’t tried that.

I also encountered several errors when running the makefile of openexr and openexr_viewer. There are generally lack of header files error. You can add these headers accordingly and then re-make.

After that, I  add the bin path to environmental variable PATH. Using the bunny.pbrt in scenes file as an example, go directly to the scene folder


pbrt bunny.pbrt

Then you get the pbrt.exr file which you can view with exrdisplay which will be in the “/usr/local/bin” directories if you have openexr_viewer installed.

The result is as following:


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